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Just what do real estate agents do all day? Before you can understand what real estate agents do all day, you must first remove the word “typical” from your vocabulary. There is no typical day in real estate. Whether you’re showing property and quickly have to duck away to move a kitty litter box out of sight, or negotiating a contract with international buyers via Skype, or helping first-time buyers learn more about ways to increase their FICO scores—every day brings new challenges, new tasks, and new people.

There are, however, fairly standard activities that come together to create a real estate agent’s daily schedule. Many of these activities revolve around the various roles that agents play from day to day. To help answer the question, “What do real estate agents do all day?,” we’ve organized these standard daily activities by the roles that accompany them.

The sole proprietor

Real estate agents, although working under the guidance of a broker, are almost always sole proprietors. They’re really running their own small business. From performing administrative tasks like making copies, filing documents, keeping up with expenses and receipts for tax purposes, to handling the day-to-day administrative duties like phone calls and emails, many of the daily tasks for real estate agents are the same as for many small business owners.

The marketer

Not only are real estate agents selling themselves on a daily basis, but they’re also selling their clients’ properties. As such, much of the day may be consumed with marketing activities. This could mean scheduling an open house, taking listing photos, writing a listing description, posting the property to the MLS, making flyers and postcards, and reaching out to local press.

On the other hand, agents are also marketing themselves and building their personal brand. This can mean updating social media, blogging, attending a local networking event, and other activities.

The knowledgeable agent

To stay licensed and keep abreast of changes and trends in the marketplace, agents must take their role as “the knowledgeable agent” seriously. Doing so requires taking real estate continuing education classes, researching local market trends, viewing available properties to stay abreast of availability, attending lunches and meetings at their local board office, professional development courses, and more.

While agents are not likely attending real estate classes on a daily basis, education plays a huge role in the weekly and monthly agent calendar.

The buyer’s agent

Agents who work with buyers have a list of specific buyer-related tasks that are tacked onto any daily or weekly calendar. The list includes helping buyers find the right mortgage lenders, researching and emailing properties that meet the client’s requirements, showing properties, negotiating contracts, attending home inspections and appraisals, and the list goes on.

Working with buyers is perhaps one of the most exciting roles that an agent gets to play, yet it is filled with responsibility. These are only a handful of the tasks that may be associated with representing buyers.

The seller’s agent

Working with sellers also has its own set of duties and responsibilities. These include marketing and advertising the property, setting up vendors for repairs, staging and photographs, coordinating showings, creating and printing brochures and postcards, negotiating offers, attending inspections and appraisals, and more.

Of course, like working with buyers, being a seller’s agent comes with a list of duties that can change from day to day. The main priority is to ensure that the home is marketed in its best light and sold for the best value.

The lead generator

An agent also has to fill their pipeline with up and coming buyers and sellers in order to be successful. This includes many of the marketing tasks mentioned earlier, but also includes a wealth of lead generation tasks such as building an online presence, managing lead response and follow-up, maintaining a CRM system, planning and budgeting for marketing, and an orchestrated effort to get your name out there.

So, what do real estate agents do?

So, what do real estate agents do all day? To put it simply, they play many different roles from day to day. An agent must learn to balance various tasks while serving as an all-in-one sole proprietor, marketer, knowledgeable agent, buyer’s rep, seller’s rep, and lead generator. Making all of these duties fit into a day—or a week—can be overwhelming. When it comes down to it, a real estate agent’s day is about organization, prioritization, and some serious to-do lists.


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