Thank you for visiting our website. This website is designed to provide basic
information on our services. Roy Legal (law firm) and Roy Realty (real estate
brokerage) work side by side to provide real estate legal services and real estate
brokerage services through an innovative approach that provides unique
advantages to clients that cannot be accomplished by a standalone law firm or
real estate brokerage. We take a multifaceted approach to problem solving.
This new and innovative approach was conceived in recognition of the changes
that have come about in the delivery of legal and brokerage services since the
advent and wide spread use of the internet. For many people, the days of taking a
day off to meet with a lawyer are over. For many people, taking the time
necessary find an honest and experienced real estate agent are over. It is even
more true in instances where both a lawyer and agent are necessary for a real
estate transaction to be concluded successfully. The frustration of time and
money involved may even be perceived as prohibitive to finding a solution.
The traditional legal and brokerage industry has been very slow to adapt to the
evolving changes brought on by the internet.

Traditional law firms continue to expect clients to commit time and pay large sums
of money for limited services. Traditional real estate brokerages continue to cling
to the full service 6% commission model which has existed for decades and is
now largely outdated.

Today legal information is widely available on the internet as is evidenced by this
website. Real estate information is easily accessible through such websites as
Zillow, Trulia, and

In recognition of these evolving changes we offer combined legal and realty
services for a price that you would typically pay for one or the other. In addition to
time and money savings, you can be assured that you will receive a level of
professionalism that our competitors simply cannot provide. We are a market
leader in this innovative approach and trust the difference will become
immediately apparent as you come to realize that we will never try to sell you on a
service. We take a professional approach to problem solving and are strictly
committed to representing the best interests of our clients in all instances. We
treat you the way we would like to be treated.

We hope you enjoy this website and look forward to the opportunity to serve. We
are not sales people and will never pressure you into doing anything. Our
approach is to give you the information you need and rely on you to make your
own choices. We are confident that if you contact us you will immediately
recognize how unique and innovative our approach to real estate client services
is. If you need real estate legal services and/or brokerage sales services we are
anxious to provide it.

We are excited about what we do for you and can’t wait for the opportunity to
prove it to you. Contact us today to discover the difference.

Mark A. Roy
Roy Legal/Roy Realty